National Days

It seems these days there is either an international or national day for just about everything you could think of from cupcakes to wine.  I don’t normally give these days too much thought because there are so many of them and, well, some of the onesseem a bit silly…for example national donut day which just passed by.

There is something about unsettling about national donut day for me.  It could be the vagueness of it, does any donut do?  It could be e confusion over the name, is it donut or doughnut?  Where do fritters fall in this day or another day?  

But not all days are like this.  National friend day for example is not soemthing I find silly.  We take our friends for granted often, heaven knows I do.  Perhaps because we have been through thick and thin, good and bad.  At any rate we do things to our friends, those who love us despite our flaws, despite our ill bahviour and temper tantrums that we’d never do to  complete and utter strangers.

Himself finds all these days too hard to keep track of and far too minor a thing to be on his radar, and yet national friend day hit him too.  You see Kountry I have taken you for granted, behaved like a spoiled child to you and been most ungracious when you have been none of those to me.  And how, you may ask does this impact Himself and others?  

I’m a bit like a person who has lost a limb and trying to cope by pretending I haven’t lost a thing at all.  In other words I’m not exactly me right now.  And so national friend day, at least this year, has impacted Himself very profoundly.  He pointed out that when we hold our close friends as family, we somehow think it gives us a right to behave in our most awful capacities. Rather like some of us do when we get married or live together.  We decide that because we are close to the person it makes perfect sense to be our ugly selves when  we should be far more giving, caring, understanding, kind and gracious.  

And so Kountry, while I may not be one for public emotions, I do want to say that I’m truly sorry for not being the type of friend you deserve.  I guess my cooking is a lot like my ability to be a good friend, haphazard at best and a disaster at its worst.