Flavors of Happiness, Food and You

The other day it was International Happiness Day!  Once I got over the surprise of the fact this day existed, I got to thinking about all of our adventures together Kountry.  Most of our outings, have in fact, had some international hints to them….French chocolates, Greek food, foreign ingredients come to mind!☺️

I can’t say any one adventure, or flavour stands out for me either.  It’s all just a lovely tangle of expeirences, adventure and happiness!

No one food can sum up happiness either I don’t think, but if you could, what food would come close to it for you?  My mind says bright shiny berries, brilliant lemons, ribbons of noodles, red spicy chilies….. See I can’t do it, but maybe you can.  So after some thought, what food item sums up happiness for you?  Chocolate covered strawberries?  Ganache?  😊


3 thoughts on “Flavors of Happiness, Food and You

  1. I had no idea this day existed either! Pretty cool discovery, Town. 🙂
    I’m not sure if food makes me happy per se. There are combinations that I like – like spinach with chicken and bacon in Alfredo sauce, or a sweet summer fruit in silky gelato. What really makes me most happy is spending time with people. ♡


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