chicken little Roaming Reporter Chicken Little

I’m here to talk to you today about Town and Kountry: two friends separated by distance, brought together through cooking.  Initially they refused all my interview requests because they said they already knew each other, so there was no reason to write an about page, but since you’re here, they acquiesced. (Thank you!)

Town and Kountry said they wouldn’t roast me if I only ask 5 questions. That’s a pretty small amount, don’t you think? I had to choose carefully, but I’ll be a plucked chicken if they don’t answer your comments…..wait – I guess I AM clean out of feathers. Hmm… Anyway, here we go!

1. So, who are you two anyway?

   Town: I’m Town.

Kountry:  I’m Kountry. I say, chicken, this is not a productive start to your questions.

                                You only have 4 left, you know.

2. And where did you two meet?

Town:  Wasn’t it in a box somewhere or something like that?  With some decent food and horrible company?                                          

Kountry: Town, wasn’t it on a barge on the river Quai? No, that was Sweet Baboo. You’re right. It was definitely in a box.

3.  Ok, I can see I’m not going to get a straight answer from either of you, so let’s try a different tack. What’s your favourite food item?

Town: Anything edible and tasty.

Kountry: Chocolate – no question! But chicken is a very close second…

4. Yikes! What’s your fondest memory of a meal spent together?

Town: Definitely around chicken!  Chicken makes it so much better, especially cooked!

Kountry: Buffalo chicken finger baskets with fries and gravy every Friday afternoon. That’s a thing of the past now – that restaurant doesn’t serve that item anymore except as an occasional special. They make it differently now, too – there’s just a little hot sauce on the chicken under the breading instead of the whole thing drowning in Frank’s Red Hot.

5. Cut it out with the chicken comments, will you? You’re making me hot under the collar! Out of all the things you could have chosen to write about, you chose cooking. Let’s end the interview with a dish you would like to make in the future that you’ve never tried before. Thoughts?

Town: Wait, chickens have collars?

Kountry: A person learns something new every day – even about chickens. I keep thinking a dacquoise would be lovely. Right now, though, coq au vin is feeling awfully tempting. You catch him and I’ll get the pan ready, Town! Cancel that – he’s no spring chicken – it would take hours and hours to make THAT bird edible.

Awwk! This has been Chicken Little, intrepid reporter. Next time the office better send me to a safer assignment.


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