Monster Cookie Dough of Sorts

There are days that I wonder if Himself and I even live on the same planet!  Sure we grew up in different countries, different socioeconomic classes and all, but who hasn’t snuck a bit of cookie dough while your Moyer was making cookies?

Despite considerable warnings from my mother while I was growing up, raw cookie dough, either chocolate chip or peanut butter was a staple of childhood memories.  Mother was always worried about imeime getting sick from consuming raw egg.  Frankly she should have been worried about grubby little fingers in the dough!😃

Himself evidently did not grow up on planet earth, at least not the same version of earth that I did.  The proof is in the fact he never snuck raw cookie dough as a child.  (I keep checking to see if there is a marking or something on him from another planent, but so far nothing found.)  Sure he grew up where cookies would have been a huge treat, super rare occasions indeed, which makes it even harder for me to understand how he had never tasted raw cookie dough!  It’s shocking! 😮

Himself is a bit of a stubborn adult now, he has some odd hangup about eating raw eggs.  I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried to tempt him over to the world of eating raw cookie dough.  There has been scraps of lace, candlelight and the sweet words of  existentialism whispered in a sigh, but he refuses to budge!  😶

Part of me might actually be okay with this because it means more raw cookie dough for me, but I can’t let him get through life having never tasted it.  Just when I was ready to dispair that he’d never know the wonderful, forbidden joys of this along comes Ashley from CenterCutCook with a wonderful recipe for edible, raw cookie dough that is without the dreaded raw egg!

This stuff is amazingly good, like memory lane good.  As in make it now good.  As in go to and get going now!  Heck you can freeze is stuff!  Did I mention how good it is? 😉

Is it healthy?  No, but trips down memory lane are healthy in other ways.  Besides its a nice tasty treat.  But best of all, it has helped me corrupt the previously incorruptible Himself!  Yes he eats this cookie dough raw!  He eats it on ice cream, he eats it frozen, he eats it fresh.  I think, perhaps, I’ve made a bit of a monster with this!😳  What’s next, green eggs and ham!


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