Last Supper

I’ve always wondered about The Last Supper.  What was served and how was it enjoyed or did everyone see it as just another meal.  I’m always a bit surprised when I hear the last meal requests for the condemned.  Not because of what they order, but for how food plays such a huge part in life.  It nourishes us, sustains us, comforts us and allows us to visit exotic places and such.

How can you possibly narrow down the meal to provide all those things knowing it is the last one. Would you chose classic comfort, luxury or a bit of both?  That is, providing you know that it is to be your last meal.  For the fact is we all must come to our last meal, last recipe and last experiment at some point.

For now I am uncertain what those last flavors will be, but I know that like everything else we must come full circle and to an end.  Hopefully the time for the last meal is still a long way off for you, but since you may not know when exactly it will be, perhaps the idea is to treat each meal as a last one.  A parting meal until the next one comes to you.


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