Mucking About With Pies

It’s Pi day, also Pie day.  One is based on math, which you can’t eat, the other is far more palatable, mostly due to it being food. Now I’m not a huge fan if math so Pi doesn’t really interest me, other than when I need it for math purposes.  Okay, let me be honest here, math and I are not the best of friends. So that takes us to Pie, the stuff you eat.  To me pie is a rather confused affair.  There is a lovely filling with a dreadful crust.  Dreadful because I’m not a fan of crust…sweet or savoury.  The filling is more or less the thing for me regardless of if its sweet or savoury. I’m not a fan of raisin pie, maple pie, pecan pie or chocolate pie.  I do like a good lemon meringue pie, same with lime custard pie.  Apple pie is nice and simple and so is a peach pie.  Savoury pies?  Sure some meat pies work, so do veggie pies and Quiche, aka egg pie. But my all time favorite pie may come as a surprise to you…it’s a mud pie!  Mud pies are super easy to make, allow you to get right into it all.  Now im not referring to mud pies mad with chocolate, but instead the best kind. I’m talking about the ones that requires dirt and water.  These mud pies are shared universally among children, and kids at heart.  No calories are consumed with mud pies because you don’t eat them,  well unless you are a bit unusual, but I’m not judging. Mud pies ask you to expend calories, making and shaping them.  Even more calories can be expended by throwing them, at fences, sidewalks or chasing a friend with the threatening mud pie.  See?  How can you not love a good mud pie? ☺️

2 thoughts on “Mucking About With Pies

  1. So true, Town!
    One of my best memories from spending time at my Grandmother’s place was when my cousin and I were allowed to go outside with a bunch of aluminum pie plates and make all the mud pies we wanted!


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