Happy Pi Day!

Today is March 14, 2015 and since I’m a sucker for a pun and this is as close as we’ll get to 3.1415 for another hundred years, it seemed only fitting to commemorate the occasion with a celebration.

Apparently, I am not the only warped person out there – Amazon actually features a Pi Day store on its website! Who knew? There are a lot of great offerings for sale, the quirkiest being a Pi Pie plate:

pi pie pan

What pie do you like best?

I have to content myself with pie that I haven’t made because I lack the gift of pie crust <sniff>. Every pie crust I have ever made has turned out looking like cow dung (and that’s a compliment – believe me) with the consistency of ready-mix cement. EVERY one. While I have had to accept defeat in that arena, there is no reason I can’t cheer other pie aficionados on, so here we go:

I love, love, LOVE rhubarb custard pie. My mother made it a lot and I thought it was the best thing ever.

rhubarb custard pie from food network kitchens

Food Network Kitchens makes rhubarb custard fit for a fancy garden party.

Raisin pie is fantastic – the lemony, grapey combination is so hard to beat!

Indianhead Bakery makes this one - scrumptious!

Indianhead Bakery makes this one – scrumptious!

One of my neighbours took pity on me last year and donated several pie crusts so that I could make green grape pie – it tastes just like raisin pie but it has a shockingly bright lime green filling!

grape pie

Blueberry pie and Saskatoon berry pie are comfort food.

betty crocker blueberry pie

This Betty Crocker blueberry pie won first prize at the New York State Fair.

winnipeg free press saskatoon pie

This Saskatoon berry pie from the Winnipeg Free Press looks just like the pie we had at family celebrations.

Lemon meringue pie is nothing short of dreamy.

lemon meringue pie by Emilie S.

Emilie S. makes a terrific sky-high lemon meringue pie!

Pumpkin pie is practically an institution around here – how can you have a holiday without it?

LIBBYs pumpkin pie

LIBBY’s beautiful pumpkin pie rendition.

Chocolate chess pie is a surefire winner.

Robyn's chocolate chess pie from addapinch.com looks amazing!

Robyn’s chocolate chess pie from addapinch.com looks amazing!

The most sinfully sweet pie I adore is good old pecan pie.



Of course, sweet pie is not the only star of the show. There are unforgettable savoury pies that deserve a nod:

Quiche is a breakfast classic.


Chicken pot pie is soul-warming on a wintry day.

I love Karen Johnson's chicken pot pie with elephants because who says pie has to be rational? Pi certainly isn't!

I love Karen Johnson’s chicken pot pie with elephants because who says pie has to be rational? Pi certainly isn’t!

Of course, who says pie has to have crust? Paella is bold enough to go without!


One of my favourite authors, Sir Terry Pratchett, died two days ago on March 12.

Terry Pratchett

I like to believe that he relished Pi day because his Discworld recipe book Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook cheerfully indulged in puns and double entendre, creating delights such as Spotted Dick and Strawberry Wobbler – I’ll leave it to you to read and discover his delightful sense of humour!

Nanny Ogg

Finally, if unlike me, you have the gift of fabulous pie crust and you are celebrating this momentous day at home, please eat a slice on my behalf today. Here’s some music to help roll out the crust:


4 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!

  1. Thanks Town – you too! I think it is pretty funny that we both posted about Pi day without the other knowing! 🙂
    I know you aren’t a fan of crust. It’s just the mortar that holds the whole thing together. I’ll tell you a secret – I only eat the crust if people are there watching….otherwise I just eat the filling too! 🙂


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