Old Fashioned Sunday Pot Roast

Sweet Baboo has a favourite meal: old-fashioned pot roast. He says it is really steak, but I beg to differ. Steak is quick – you can get it any old time; you have to plan ahead and really WANT pot roast long in advance so that everything is there and ready to go. The sirloin tip roast in question was slowly cooked in its own juices in the slow cooker with  medley of vegetables all day yesterday and the smell nearly drove us CRAZY! It was hard waiting until tonight to have the first taste, but somehow we managed.

The ingredients for a truly delectable roast are simple:

baby yellow creamers

Layer these little potatoes at the bottom of the slow cooker.

Follow them up with a roughly chopped yellow onion.

Follow them up with a roughly chopped yellow onion.

4 cloves garlic

Use as many or as few garlic cloves as you like – I put in a whole head of garlic because it becomes part of the flavourful gravy.

Now, for the belle of the ball – a juicy sirloin tip roast.

boneless sirloin tip roast

When the roast is sitting happily in the middle of the crockpot, there’s a whole elliptical corridor around the meat to add more flavour.


Chopped celery adds juice to the gravy.

unsuspectng carrots

Carrots add sweetness.

17 g sundried tomatoes

Sundried tomatoes change the flavour of the roast ever so slightly. The slow cooking plumps them up so that they add a velvety thickness to the gravy.

The final touch? Beef stock. I was all out of beef stock though – I used it on French onion soup! Sweet Baboo had even thought of that too – at the right moment, a bouillon package appeared.

bouillon mix packet bouillon mix

Combined with 1 cup of water, the bouillon was now ready to be poured over the meat and vegetables.

ready to cook

It looks exciting already! 10 hours later, the carrots, potatoes and roast were lifted out to their own serving dishes. Then, the beef bouillon, celery, onion, garlic and sundried tomato were all blended together to make a thick, rich gravy that I don’t mind telling you I didn’t wait to try!

pot roast


Before you say anything, Town, I know that there is no nutritional content listed. It would be very hard for anyone to come up with the exact same measurements as we did for this roast. Of course, that also says nothing about the fat marbling of the meat. My best advice is to enjoy this meal with people you love and the laughter around the table will consume the calories. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Sunday Pot Roast

  1. You know Town, I wasn’t either until I met Sweet Baboo. The first meal I had at his parent’s house was pot roast and since then it has become a kind of comfort thing. Since I am so far away from my family, having food that makes them seem like they are there is kind of nice – makes me a little less homesick.


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