Blackened Tuna Loaf

Kountry, I have been most remiss in posting my tuna loaf simply because, well it was a disaster of sorts. Yes, a kitchen nightmare even! 😉

I love spicy tuna at the sushi houses so at was my idea for this, but I couldn’t justify using that quality of fish for the tuna loaf. I also didn’t want to have a pricy experiment on my hands that for all I know would be horrible.

So I grabbed a can of white chunky tuna, around 185g in the can. So far so good; after all, this is the stuff I use for tuna salad so it’s still decent fish.

I grabbed an egg because you need a wee something to hold this all together. And I had left over rice so I used that as a grain. See, at this point, my guiding light was a spicy tuna roll….and so rice simply had to be in there.

I grabbed a green onion/scallion and sliced that thinly and added this to the bowl with the rice, tuna and egg. I mixed that all together, splashed some rice wine vinegar in because why not?

Now for the spicy bit. I know what you are thinking Kountry, there she goes with those hot pepper flakes. Surprise! That’s not what I used. I love spicy Thai chilli sauce, it’s a bit sweet with a lot of heat and does the trick nicely. So a few blobs of that went into the bowl.

Then I mixed that into a nice mass and transferred that into a lightly oiled pan. I placed it in the oven for 35 minutes. What I expected to come out was basically a well cooked mixture. What came out was a blackened mass. One you could chisel out. You see, the sugars from the sauce got a bit too much heat.

I had planned on serving this wee gem with some more sauce and some lime juice, but the garbage can isn’t a picky eater so I didn’t bother.


4 thoughts on “Blackened Tuna Loaf

  1. What a bummer, Town! I’m sorry you didn’t get to try it because you made the classic tuna loaf – everything was just like my mom made it until you got out the rice wine vinegar and the chili sauce. If you ever try it again, put in your beloved chili flakes and reserve the sauce and vinegar for use as condiments on the finished product. That should work well.


    • Ah but that would make too much sense! I wonder though if I use less of the sauce to begin with and then more to finish….. Besides I’m pretty sure I’m a master chef of flaming dishrag!


  2. Try it – I’d love to see how it turns out. You know, I was thinking that the rice wine vinegar and chili sauce are kind of like a ketchup gone all haute couture…… I know a lot of people eat their tuna loaf with ketchup or tomato sauce, so your idea was really kind of classic-meets-modern. 🙂


    • Never thought people would eat tuna loaf with ketchup of tomato sauce. But yes the chilli sauce and vinegar would sort of act that way. Oh and imagine adding sprinkles of sesame seeds with it!


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