Soya Good Pepper Steak

This simple combination makes steak SING! Don’t let the steps make you worry – it comes together quickly and easily – I promise!

Enter two small steaks (about 215 grams). They won’t feed one hungry person, but once this recipe is done transforming it, two people can enjoy the results and be satisfied.


Slice the steak up into thin strips.


Now get out a large bowl and a small bowl. Put 1/4 tsp sugar and 1/4 tsp salt and 1/2 Tbsp olive oil in each bowl. Grind a generous amount of fresh black pepper into each bowl. Now put 2 Tbsp soya sauce in the small bowl and 3 1/2 Tbsp soya sauce in the larger bowl.


Put the sliced steak in the smaller bowl and mix until the sauce mixture evenly coats the meat.

marinated steak

Now heat up a frying pan on the stove and when it is smoking hot, put in the meat and let it brown.

brown it

While you wait for it to cook fully, turn your attention to the vegetables. Slice up 4 stalks of celery and 2 bell peppers. Add them to the other larger bowl and make sure the sauce mixture coats each morsel.



marinated vegetables

By this time, the meat is done. Remove it from the hot frying pan and sauté the vegetables in the hot pan for a few minutes – you want them to still be crunchy. After about 3 minutes have passed, place the meat on top of the vegetables and then pour a 796 ml can of diced tomatoes over everything.

add tomatoes

At this point it is VERY saucy. Let the tomato juice tenderize the meat and reduce at a good simmer for about 15 minutes.

served over rice

Sweet Baboo likes this steak served on white rice. I haven’t included nutrition for the rice in case you have different ideas. 🙂

Half of the recipe is one serving and it has:

  • Calories: 457
  • Fat: 21.5 g
  • Carbs: 39.4 g
  • Protein: 28.7 g


2 thoughts on “Soya Good Pepper Steak

  1. Kountry I worry about your sodium intake with recipes such as this. Soya is heavy in sodium, even the lot sodium type is still rather salty. And you’ve added salt as well as the soya.


  2. Town, I appreciate your concern. As you can see, most of my cooking never has added salt. Sometimes it has to be used though – salt is a tool in the kitchen. I use salt to freeze my apples in the fall so that they don’t brown. In this recipe, the salt and sugar (because both are sodium) helps to draw the moisture out of the meat and vegetables so that they have the right texture for the dish. The soy sauce does have salt in it. It’s the flavor that I’m after. I’ve cut both sodium and soy sauce back drastically from the original recipe, but you’re right – there’s still a lot there. In life, sometimes there is more and sometimes there is less. I don’t feel badly about eating something with a good dose of salt on a very rare occasion….in my mind, it all evens out.


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