Comfort in a Bowl or How I Wooed Himself

Well Kountry, as I was going through some items in the refrigerator, it occurred to me that I have never shared a delicious, simple and healthful soup with you.

This was one of my first attempts at wooing (do people do that these days) Himself after he served me lamb. It’s a super simple thing to pull together and tastes like you struggled to get done.

The recipe can be found at Kate at the Kitchen Door’s website or by clicking here:

Now I skipped the nutmeg and instead used hot pepper flakes, and served it with a big chunk of crusty bread. And yes, I used store-bought pesto because it was what I had in hand. And I didn’t have kale so I cheated and used spinach, but close enough in a pinch!

I’m not saying this fully assured Himself I was the one, but it didn’t hurt. He asks for this when it gets cold or is miserable outside because he likens it to comfort in a bowl!

3 thoughts on “Comfort in a Bowl or How I Wooed Himself

  1. Town, you and those red pepper flakes!
    This looks good – kind of like chicken meets Italian wedding kind of thing. I just had more French onion soup today (using up the extra beef broth from last time). I like broth-y soups like that with crackers….LOTS of crackers. πŸ˜€ Hence, my diet says a resounding NO, but their time will come again. πŸ™‚


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