Fresh, Familiar and Fantastic

Sometimes you just need a little something. Something that’s fresh yet familiar and frankly not going to break your budget. That’s if you have a budget, but i think everyone has at least a loose budget. I could be wrong given the state of some economic reports. But that’s for another time.

See I having a bit of a fling, on the down low of course, with lemongrass. If I could, I’d coat everything in it. Well just about everything! 😉

So I had a bit of brisket, normally I smoke it or such, but brisket and lemongrass? Oh yes indeedy! I found a wonderful recipe for a delicious and beautiful slow cook method of brisket with lemon grass and vermicelli oh my. The tasty recipe and wonderful eye candy can be found by visiting this site:

I care you to visit it, I double dare you to make it because oh my my its just wonderful in a million ways! Him pretty sure Himself would agree so I sent him the recipe and dared him to do just that. After all a man should be able to cook! ☺️

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