Stylish Arm-knitted Infinity Scarf

My maternal grandmother crocheted and knitted; my paternal grandmother knitted; my mother knitted; I just never could get the hang of either method. Yarn was never my strong suit. Even darning socks eludes me.

Both of my grandmothers are gone and the only remembrances of them that I have are the knitted garments they made me. Most no longer fit but I can’t bear to part with them because I know the love and hours of effort that each piece took to make. That’s why, Town, when your mom gave me those scarves and the lovely shawl, I slunk away and cried my eyes out. A handmade gift is worth more than gold to me. After all, the hands that made it will never make that same thing in the exact same way ever again – how could anyone not love that someone devoted some of their limited time on Earth just for you?

Well, a few days ago, I saw a video on a great site called Handimania:

And the exciting thing was that IT LOOKED DO-ABLE….even for me! And then, the next day, there was a course offered at work as something different to do in the lunch hour. Kismet!

I hastened to the nearest yarn store and purchased two skeins.

The next day, I tried to start. My stitches were all kind of crooked. Blast. Unravel it I did.

beginning stitches

The day after I tried again and somehow left a big, gaping hole in the middle. <sigh> Back to square one.

Somewhat disillusioned, I let the yarn stay home for a day and tried again on my day off. This time it worked! YAY!

using your arm power

The stitches look big because they’re wrapped around your arm rather than a knitting needle.

Once the scarf was finished, I talked Betty out of retirement to model the scarf.


The scarf can be worn as a traditional scarf:

traditional scarf

A big look this year is a knitted oversize backless sweater and the scarf gives the illusion of this without the wearer having to freeze because they didn’t wear a shirt. 🙂

backless shawl front backless shawl back

Of course, most of us associate a scarf with warmth, so it can also be wrapped double around the wearer’s neck with either the loops or the stiches facing outwards – I think they are equally striking.

double wrap double wrap inside out

Town, there was a reason why I asked if your mom reads this blog: I want her to have this scarf. When I see you next, I will give it to you for her.


5 thoughts on “Stylish Arm-knitted Infinity Scarf

  1. I must say Betty looks very stylish! I know how much you appreciate the hand knit items, which is why I asked mom to make you the scarves and shawl.

    To me hand made items are a way to wrap oneself up in love because as you so aptly pointed out it is more than an item, it’s the time and love a person puts into making that item.

    When I read this post I realized just how far from you I really am. And what a wonderful thing for you to do! I’ve always been amazed at your abilities to make things. To Ben onset I frequently feel inadequate and missing something when I see and remember the items you’ve done. But that’s why I have you in my life, to fill those gaps!


    • That’s an interesting thought – I like that. 🙂 It reminds me about how some people used to think that getting their picture taken took a piece of their soul, but when you make something with your hands, you willingly give it… Thanks for your insight!


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