Run Away

You know Kountry, we’ve shared some amazing experiences and some amazing food over the eons gone by. And to this day, no matter where I am or who I happen to be with, if I come across a Greek restaurant I can’t help but smile and remember a delicious meal with great coffee. And the running commentary, oh my! 😉

I also cannot go last a chocolatier without remembering a certain tree!

Billy Joel comes on the radio and there you are! Same a those brilliantly coloured flowers that grow free in the fields. They also make me think of you and your swirling kaleidoscope of colors and vocabulary!

It seems the further I run away, heck who am I kidding its an attempt at a slightly dignified waddle at best!, the more strings I see that bind me to you. Colourful, vibrant strings of experience, emotion and spirit.

Out of all the gifts you could give me, this is the best for not only is it wrapped up in a bow of lovely colors, it travels well and is worth more than its weight in gold! Not that I’m against gold or anything! 😉

2 thoughts on “Run Away

  1. Well that’s good because I’m too poor to get anyone any gold. 🙂
    I think of you when I see pleated orange miniskirts, hear Billy Joel ( I guess he’s our artist – awww), go on road trips (especially when exploring) and more – probably too many things to count. That’s why you’re stuck with me – we each carry a piece of each other everywhere we go.


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