Tender, Juicy Baked Pork Ribs

Pork ribs have got to be my favourite cut of meat. Celebration? Let’s have ribs! Drowning in sorrow? Ribs please! Sadly, they’re pretty pricey, so we don’t indulge often. Yesterday there was a sale on ribs at the grocery store – hurrah! Since I’m pretty sure they don’t keep longer than a day in the refrigerator (shh!), here we go! Take out a baking sheet and lay the ribs out flat on it. Dry rubs are messy so at least the sheet will catch most of the spices that don’t stick and make cleanup easier.

stretch them on a baking sheet

Get out your favourite dry rub. I use my homemade chili seasoning:


Sweet Baboo likes things spicier than I do, so his get more of the rub. spicing the first side

Use your fingers to massage in the spices.

rub in the seasoning

Looking good already! Now, flip over the ribs and do the same thing to the other side. feature

Lift each slab of ribs and let the extra spices fall off. Dip the sides in the spices. Now they’re ready for the slow cooker. To keep my slab relatively mild, I roll it tightly. put the spicy one outside

The slow cooker doesn’t need to be greased – the fat will render off of the ribs while they cook so it will grease the dish for you! Set the slow cooker on low heat. While mine is set for 10 hours, 6 is the magic number. My slow cooker won’t stay on low for only 6 hours, so I set it to 10 hours and turn it off at 6.

cook time

When 6 hours are up, they look like this:

8 hrs

Carefully pick them up and place them on a parchment paper and aluminum foil lined baking sheet.

lift out onto a parchment paper and aluminum foil lined baking sheet

Slather them with the barbeque sauce of your choice and let them sizzle in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 40 minutes. Enjoy!

slather on bbq sauce of your choice

Here’s the finished ribs with a side of crispy greek potatoes: done



3 thoughts on “Tender, Juicy Baked Pork Ribs

  1. I struggle with ribs. They are pricey and you can’t consume the bone and since you pay in weight it seems horribly pricy. But I love turning hem into messy, drippy Greek delights.


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