Pesto Grilled Cheese and Peppered Pears

This simple lunch tastes gourmet yet it took only a few minutes to prepare.

You never know where an interesting food idea will come from. When standing in line at the grocery store checkout, we met a young cashier in training who enthusiastically recommended grilled cheese sandwiches that used pesto rather than butter for browning the bread. Later, I stopped by a colleague’s desk and found apple slices topped with pepper and salt – the taste was extraordinary! Hey – wouldn’t those two things be good together? Hmmm. I only have a pear. Maybe that will work!

Time to find out! What a great excuse to buy basil pesto!

First, core the pear and make 8 slices:

8 pear slices

Sprinkle freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt liberally on a saucer.

sea salt and black pepper

Now, dip the cut sides of the pear slices in the salt and pepper and arrange them on a plate. Put them in the fridge so that the salt can draw out some of the pear juices. This also heightens the sweet taste of the fruit.

ready for the fridge

On to the grilled cheese! While a frying pan heats up on the stove, butter one side of each slice of bread for the sandwiches using a small amount of basil pesto. No actual butter is needed since there is olive oil in the pesto.


Layer cheese slices or shredded cheese on top of one half of each sandwich.

layer on the cheese

Put the sandwiches together and carefully set them in the pan. Cover with a lid and in about 2 minutes, flip the sandwiches so they can brown on the other side. Serve with chilled peppered pear.


Today there was a severe cold warning and there was lots of snow to shovel. Having these sandwiches that tasted of fresh garden herbs and the sweet, spicy pears reminded us that winter is only a season; summer will be here soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Pesto Grilled Cheese and Peppered Pears

  1. Never done the pesto deal, but frequently wrap pears or Apple slices in Soreno ham, after I’ve dipped the slices in a mix of breadcrumbs, brown sugar and loads of pepper. After this I grill or bake them. They must be consumed quickly because I lack self-control!


  2. That sounds really good Town. The salt and pepper are a novelty for me – not used to treating fruit as a vegetable – but i was surprised how sweet it was. I guess it’s like life: who’d recognize the good times if there weren’t any bad ones to compare them to?


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