Goodbye Celebration

Himself was somewhat beside himself as we got ready to visit with one of his friends. She had asked him to bring a cake, a simple chocolate cake, one made without wheat flour.

This would be the last time he’d see her as she was and it would be awhile before he’d see her as she was to become. Her journey wasn’t an easy one, nor had she followed traditional steps, but now that she was at her destination and entry she had asked for a cake.

It couldn’t be just a simple chocolate cake, it had to be
something that marked her occasion. It had to be dignified, tasty, no wheat flour and still a celebration as well as a goodbye.

So I stumbled across this recipe for a gluten free chocolate cake, which can be found here:

There are of course a few wee things I changed, such as using tart cherries and adding whipped cream to make it a bit like a Black Forest cake.

It isn’t the most stunning, beautiful cake. Not like some of those works of arts that people pull together, but it suited the occasion perfectly. And it didn’t fall in the centre like flourless cakes typically do.

His friend was happy, surprised at the cake and promised that when she was able, she’d be touch. Himself promised that he’d attend her wedding ceremony and taking of the vows.

As for me, I guess I had taken a vow of silence because while there was a million and one things I wanted to ask her, it wasn’t the time nor the place. And it wasn’t for em to understand her choices any more than it is for me to understand the choices of any other person.

Having said that, I do wish you’d make the choice to make this cake, just once because it is rather lovely and suiting of many humble, simple celebrations.

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