Rice Flour and Cookies?

I wanted fresh made cookies. Buttery and yummy cookies. We were out of certain things, such as flour, which, to my understanding is required for the cookies I wanted.

Himself took it upon, well himself, to head off to the store and get the flour and the vanilla and the chocolate. When he came home we discovered a small kink in the system. He picked up the wrong flour. We somehow had a lot of rice flour and no clue what to do.

Cue “the google” and suddenly Himself found a recipe he thought might work. Basically a sugar cookie of sorts, kind of like a shortbread. The recipe can be found here: http://www.yummylaura.com/?p=5275

Now me being me, I can’t leave things alone, so I altered the recipe. I dropped a bit of the sugar, added vanilla and then a liberal dumping of chocolate chips. Why not?

The dough had a grainy texture, but that may have more to do with the sad fact that the butter wasn’t softened so much as almost melted, but it seemed okay.

The cookies did grow more than I thought they would so we ended up with large, and still decent cookies. At least now when our friends who can’t have gluten come over, we have some other tasty treats to offer.

I do, however, have to learn to write out the amounts when I experiment, because no two batches are ever the same!


2 thoughts on “Rice Flour and Cookies?

  1. Hi Town!
    A few years ago I tried experimenting with other kinds of flours and found out that my favourites were good old rye flour and regular wheat flour. I never did try rice flour though. .. was there a big difference in consistency? You can even make your own rice flour by using the food processor to grind rice kernels. I’d really like to try financier cookies – they use ground almonds instead of flour and you cook them in special little pans shaped like willow leaves. They turn out like little golden cakes. 🙂


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