Oddly It Works

Now and then you have a pile of bits and pieces of ingredients. Not enough to make a whole meal with all on its own, but if you could just think about it, maybe you could use them and pull together something that passes off as a decent meal. I mean anyone can use their odds and ends of ingredients right?

Since shopping hadn’t been done and it was miserable outside, the idea was to use what was at hand. Nothing complicated or time consuming either because a warm chair and a good book awaited me.

What was in the cupboard was some pasta. The freezer revealed ground beef. We had cheese, onions, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, and mushrooms. Well there were other items too, but this is what came to mind mostly because a friend had offered me a very “American” recipe, Cheeseburger Casserole. The recipe can be found by going here:

I was leery that it would work, and I did tweet this a bit by adding spicy peppers to the mix, just for fun. Oddly it came together and turned out well. Well enough that Himself declared a need to bookmark the site so he could see what else we could alter in the recipe for next time.

The juice thing is, besides being flexible and using whatever is on hand is at it doesn’t take too long to come together and is satisfying on damp, cool days.

4 thoughts on “Oddly It Works

  1. Town, I checked out the recipe – the pictures were interesting – I was amazed that there were pickle pieces on top! When I was in grade school, the local grocery store tried selling cheeseburger potato chips – they had the same flavours as the casserole you made – but it was well before their time and no one but the extremely adventurous bought them so the store sent most of them back. I think last year the Frito Lay company made the same kind of chips and had a better response.


  2. You’ll have to inform Himself that if a North American wants a cheeseburger, they get a cheeseburger – there’s none of this messing around with a cheeseburger-ish casserole. 😛


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