Positively Perfect Potatoes That Live Up To Their Name

Himself has been in fine cooking form these days, complete with apron and oven mitts.  The mitts may have been deemed necessary after a rather horrible incident with some hot pan.  Let’s just say the pan won and Himself learned that a wet cloth and a hot pan out of the oven is never a good thing. 😉

It seems Himself is also on a comfort food kick, well that plus making something easy.  He has been most cautious with the potato though.   I mean heaven forbid that we should ruin one or two of those.  So he was dubious with this recipe of Melting Potatoes, but after a bit of a debate, he went all in and made it.  It turned out great and went perfect with the cold smoked trout.

The recipe  can be found here: http://www.spicysouthernkitchen.com/melting-potatoes

Now he didn’t follow the directions exactly, I guess that’s why we work together so well.  He added more garlic and also added fresh parsley to go with the fresh thyme.

You wouldn’t think that the potatoes would stay crispy with the addition of all that liquid, but surprisingly, the inside of the potatoes suck up r moisture and the outsides stay nice and crisp.


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