Toasted Cheese

Some days meals can be simple and yet delightfully just perfect.  Himself opted to try your soup, with his own quirks to it of course.  And what goes with a red soup?  Toasted cheese sandwiches of course.  But with Himself nothing is exactly just a toasted cheese sandwich! 😉

He decided we needed two types of sandwiches.  Actually he wasn’t sure about which to make them both.

First up, toasted Brie with spiced pear.  It is basically what it sounds like and super easy to make.  I mean how can bread, buttered and toasted, with melted obey gooey Brie and thinks sliced pear dipped on black pepper taste so lovely and sound so elegant?  And yet that’s what it was!

Second?  Welsh Rarebit

Here’s what you need:

4 slices thick bread (these are opened faced)

2 egg yolks, or be brave and use the whole egg

1 heaping teaspoon of English mustard powder

spicy chili flakes or spicy jam or hot peppers

1 cup of  sour cream, or creme fresche

2 cups of sharp, aged cheddar cheese shredded

now for the really taxing bits, you can be brave and butter on side of each bread slice, or risk it and just toss the bread in a toaster.  In a bowl mix all other ingredients except for th  spicy jam if using.  Feel free to mix in hot pepper flakes if using that or hot peppers instead.  If using the Jam some on one side of each bread.  Take the lovely mixture out of the bowl  and divide among the 4 slices of bread.  Put in a 450 F oven until all melted and the cheese is starting to bubble and brown.  Take out, let cool slightly, cut criss-cross just into the cheese topping and drizzle with Worcestershire sauce!


2 thoughts on “Toasted Cheese

  1. Wow – those would be great along with the pepper soup! The brie and pear sounds divine. Always wondered just exactly what Welsh rarebit was and now I know!
    Anyway, soup and a sandwich of any sort is just the thing for a late fall day. Sounds like Himself is trying to fatten you up a little bit to keep you around and I heartily approve. Keep it up! Town doesn’t eat enough to keep body and soul together when she’s busy, so I’m glad you’re sorting that out. (Sorry, Town – you know you are svelte enough anyway.)


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