Spicy Spinach and Bacon Pasta or Heaven in a Bowl

I’ve been a tad remiss in posting here because sometimes life does get in the way of our intentions.  Remember last time I posted about all that spinach?  Of course you do because you are you!

Anywho I didn’t eat it all as a salad, I mean that’s just not my style is it?  Besides who can live on that much salad?  And I reckon if a girl were to eat that much salads more than her cheeks would have a green color to them!😉 (No I’m not about to test that theory, but can do it if you’ve a mind  to!)

So not feeling like my usual self, and needing to eat, something simple and of course using that spinach.  A quick look in the kitchen, because Himself has been cooking a variety of things so one needs to know what there is to work with and I decided on a simple pasta with bacon and spinach.

Being how I’ve been feeling and frankly unable to function like a normal person, I didn’t really measure anything.  This, then, is the gist of what I did, which means it’s free form and totally play-worthy! 😉

I crisped up some cubed pancetta, although nice double smoked bacon would be awesome to!  (no oil required with this!)

Into the pan with the crisped up yummy-ness, I tossed in  some sliced onion, thinly sliced garlic, pepper flakes.

Of course while all this deliciousness of Magic was working, I was getting pasta ready, you know boiling water etc, cooking pasta.

Okay back to the pan of heavenly smell!  When everything is all nicer meat crispy, onion mellowed, garlic just right, and well the peppers defusing their heat all over, toss in handfuls of spinach and take pan off the  heat.  We are going to wilt the spinach down so toss in a fair amount!  Be bold!

Once you’ve wilted the spinach, add the pasta to the whole mess and toss until combined, add a bit of heavenly Parmesan cheese and enjoy!

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