Not Your Mother’s Spinach Salad

I ended up with a horde of fresh spinach. Okay I know it isn’t technically called a horde, I mean for us town people it’s basically sold in bunches, but what do you call it when you have more than a few bunches?πŸ˜‰ I guess a crop might work, but I certainly didn’t grow it so it’s not really mine. Now I’ve heard that getting spinach puts color in your cheeks, and since I don’t want green cheeks I had to find something that would help prevent this. So what to do? Pasta stuffed with spinach in a nice tomato sauce? Sure but I’m lazy today. So salad it is! But not a boring one, which is most salads to be honest. And because well it’s got to be with whatever is in the house as I’ve not grown webbed feet just yet! Here’s what my house had to offer to go with the spinach: Almonds Pears Soft goat cheese Some red onion 1 heaping – overflowing tbsp Raspberry preserves (sweetened with Apple juice, not sugar) 3 tbsp Balsamic vinegar (or to taste) Salt Pepper Dried cherries Olive oil 1 grilled chicken breast Take as much spinach as you want to eat, wash it and clean it. To this add as many almonds or other nuts as you like, or don’t, it’s all up to you. Roughly cut the pears into cubes and mix with the nuts and the greenery. Sprinkle dried cherries, cranberries or whatever you wish as well as some thin slivers of onion. Cube the grilled chicken, same with the goat cheese and add to the salad. In a small bowl or jar add the raspberry preserves with balsamic vinegar a dash of salt and pepper and whisk together. Slowly drizzle some oil until you have a consistency of desired salad dressing. I like to use less oil and more raspberry preserves and balsamic vinegar. Drizzle, pour, spoon or whatever onto your salad and enjoy! Next time I will leave out the cherries and use some nice salmon in place of the chicken. I may even change the goat cheese for feta or leave it out. Oh and pecans would be lovely too! See possibilities are endless! 😊 Now you may be wondering why no pictures. I meant to, I really did. I forgot while I was pulling this all together, but I was sure I’d get a snap of the finished product, only Himself came in and distracted me and we ate it without me getting even a single snap. Sorry!


4 thoughts on “Not Your Mother’s Spinach Salad

  1. Picture or no, it sounds tasty. I would not have thought to put in raspberry jam – that probably helped alleviate the bitterness in the spinach. Glad you put something up this weekend – I was worn out and just ate leftovers so there wasn’t much to say.


  2. I’ve never tried those two together. Probably because I don’t like the way balsamic vinegar tastes or smells… Prefer Sambucca with fruit instead with a little vanilla bean and black pepper. πŸ˜€


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