Nachos for you and me

Nachos are a big deal in this house. I’m not sure how it happened, but all of a sudden, one day, there was a definite need for the kind of tummy fulfillment that only a tray of nachos can bring to the table. They’ve been a regular staple here ever since. The recipe has been honed and crafted over time and the result is something I’ve never seen in a restaurant. Maybe that is a good thing – it makes the ones we create that much more special.

As soon they’re mentioned and there is a distinct possibility that they will be supper du jour, it had better happen fast. That means a two-pronged attack so that we can get to the good part – eating them.

First, start browning hamburger meat (I typically use 1 pound):

brown the ground beef

Sweet Baboo is partial to ground beef. They’d also be great with ground poultry, ground pork, ground lamb, ground bison or veggie ground round – take your pick!

While the meat is turning a rich brown in the pan, a baking sheet is lined with aluminum foil and parchment paper. Nestled on top are tortilla chips. Use your favourite ones – we’ve never met a tortilla that didn’t work – it’s up to your particular taste.

tortilla chips

This happens to be two different kinds of flavoured Doritos – we use half a bag of each kind and mix them.

Once the meat is browned well, it is time to combine it with tomato paste and salsa.

summer salsa and tomato paste

Scarpone’s tomato paste is only made with tomatoes so it is a great choice. One can gives you 5 servings of vegetables! The salsa is from this year’s batch that I made with green zebra tomatoes from my garden.

meat, salsa and tomato paste

Yum! Since the salsa is cold, it needs a bit of time to sizzle on the heat. Then the whole mixture is carefully spooned over the tortilla chips as evenly as possible so there’s goodness in every bite.

Now for shredded cheese, a generous helping of bacon bits (real ones) and a little more cheese:

ready to bake

Into a preheated 400 degree Fahrenheit oven it goes!

In less than 10 minutes, the cheese will be melted and they’ll be ready to eat. Now’s the time to do the dishes because afterwards we know it won’t happen. Keep checking the oven – they burn quickly.

Here they are! Huzzah!

ready to eat


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