Battle of the Crackers

Yea, verily, I say unto thee: Thou art what thou eat … so I’ve been crackers for a very long time. Ask anyone. It’s no secret.

I am not supposed to eat much bread. Well, any bread. That’s why bread in all its forms has the allure of forbidden fruit. I don’t think it is very healthy to exclude a food group in its entirety, so I make it a habit to have a little of everything. This is good news for the cracker lover in me. I love the crunch, the flavour and the variety of textures that crackers have to offer.

Store-bought crackers are delightful! No mess, no fuss, and the whole box is gone before you know it. The only problem is that in order to enhance flavour and maintain a long shelf life, not-so-palatable ingredients enter in. Those ingredients are not always beneficial to health and well-being. With this in mind, and with a yearning for crackers that I couldn’t ignore, I decided on a taste test featuring home-made crackers.

Three recipes were looked up. The criteria were: easy, fast, and using cupboard staples that were already in the house. Cheese, oatmeal and cornmeal are generally on hand, so they were slated as the first three kinds to try.

three kinds

The Oatmeal Cracker recipe:

The Cornmeal Cracker recipe:

The Cheese Cracker recipe:

It took about 2 hours to make all three kinds of crackers and here’s the tasty results:

chart 1

chart continued

While the cheese crackers are an already established favourite, the other two were new. All three would be great for different purposes, so they’re all winners in my books.

Do you have a go-to cracker? What makes it great? Let me know – I’d love to try them!


5 thoughts on “Battle of the Crackers

  1. Oh heavens now you’ve done it! You’ve made crackers when the store…oh the store shall weep at lost profit. 😉

    I can’t say I’d be making crackers, mostly because I’m not a huge cracker eater, but perhaps the cheese ones, modified of course!


  2. You know, Town, I would never have thought of it if it hadn’t been for one of my neighbours growing up. He made incredible saltines and when I walked with his daughter to school, she often had a big sheet of cracker for a snack. That was a huge revelation for me – at the time, I had thought that what you got in the store was a kind of magical thing – people didn’t actually MAKE things like crackers. Try the cheese ones or the other two kinds – they were all easy and really the hardest part is waiting the 5 minutes to get to eat them after they come out of the oven!


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