Mushrooms, Meatballs and Early Early Mornings or Late Nights

Stumbling home in the wee hours as the sun is just about to start to make the initial set of lighting to the sky I realized I wanted something. A night out, having a small nibble here or there all night wasn’t cutting it.

It isn’t as though I was trying to only eat little bits, it’s just how the night turned out. Each place we went to had basically a small sampling of appetizers, not the meals that were so boldly advertised on their pamphlets.

Himself wanted something warm, and he stimulated it should be comforting and filling. Oh and not take too long. That’s about the time I threw the towel at his head. Fortunately for him the towel is light, doesn’t travel far and he ducked in plenty of time. The towel fell harmlessly in front of his feet and he knew if there was food to be had, it was up to him to do the making!

He had some fully cooked Swedish meatballs in he freezer and he opted to use those with a simple sauce. In the time it took for this to be pulled together, he also cooked some egg noodles.

His little recipe is as follows:

3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
1 1/2 to 2 cups beef broth (he used some from the store)
1 handful of mushrooms
1 handful of chopped onion
2 big dashes of Worcestershire
3 tbsp sour cream
2 to 3 dozen pre-cooked meatballs (or whatever you feel like)
hot, cooked egg noodles

Melt the butter in a pan and add the flour, and mix until nice and smooth. Now keep mixing until it turns to the “color of coffee and cream”. The color is a bit off here, because the butter is so golden, but here’s the idea.

IMG_1035.JPG. Oh and yes a normal person would use a whisk, but he loves his pan….

Carrying on you will slowly add small amounts of the beef broth. It may bubble up some, but that’s to be expected.

When fully incorporated, add some more of the broth, again small amounts.

Keep adding until you have the sauce to the right consistency.


Once you have reached is stage, add the mushrooms, onion and Worcestershire and stir. Let the flavors mingle for a bit, frankly you could mix things up skipping mushrooms or the onions, maybe adding thyme or such.


Add the frozen meatballs and ensure coated in the sauce and let warm completely.


Just before serving, add sour cream, maybe a dash more Worcestershire and some pepper and place in top of hot cooked egg noodles.

It sounds like a lot of time, but honestly it was all pulled together in under 20 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Mushrooms, Meatballs and Early Early Mornings or Late Nights

  1. While I can’t eat mushrooms, I bet this would be great on fresh toast or a mound of mashed potatoes. One of the cooks I worked with would make a roux, add milk and lots of sliced mushrooms and once it was all bubbly and steamy, she poured it over toast. She called it creamed mushrooms. Fancy food is all well and good, but simple can be breathtaking.


    • Simple tends to me more comforting, at least to me. I guess because I didn’t grow up on fancy food. In Himself’s case, not only simple, but easy and ready pantry staples seems to be part of the equation too.


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