The Bread-th Of Homemade Comfort

Some days call for homemade bread. There is something deeply comforting and magical about the smell of a nice bread cooling on the counter.

There was a time when fresh bread was a given in households. There was no store or bakery that sold bread because everyone made their own. And it was the kind without preservatives. Some of it was made with home milled flour.

In modern times w heave machines that do the hard work, the kneading and what have you. More the shame because it’s one less way to get a good work out for your arms. 😉

Sadly I have no skill with yeast. We have a love hate relationship where the yeast loves to mess up my plans because it hates my sad attempts at working with it.

Himself and I both rather like fresh baked bread and I must confess when he isn’t pressed for time, Himself can make wonderfully yeasty bread. We are frequently pressed for time so it’s always a delight when he makes the bread.

Yesterday we wanted, nay needed, bread as we were out. Himself grinned at the opportunity to try out a new, simple oat bread recipe. One without yeast. A standard soda bread, something we’ve both made in the past.


The picture doesn’t do it justice and the top is covered with warm butter, not sugar although it may look that way. 😉

So you want bread that’s healthy, easy to make and on the table no time? Here’s the recipe:

Preheat the oven for 400F

3 c. coarse wholemeal flour
1/3 c. rolled oats or steel cut oats
1 tsp. salt
1 level tsp. baking soda
1 tbsp. molasses
1 tbsp. honey
450ml. buttermilk (or sour milk – milk with 1 tbsp. lemon juice)
1 tbsp. melted butter, to finish

(here’s the beauty you can use brown sugar in place of molasses and honey, double the molasses and skip the honey or double the honey and skip he molasses. You could even mix up the flavors a bit and use the brown sugar with one of the other sweet items.)

Okay push up your sleeves, get a sturdy bowl and a strong spoon and get ready to work. You will break a sweat, I promise, just not making the bread! 😉

Right here we go. Put the first four ingredients (the dry stuff) in your bowl and mix it all up. (If using sugar add it to the dry bits.)
All nicely mixed up? Good now make a little well in the center of the bowl. You don’t really have to do this, but it’s fun and makes the mixing a bit easier.

Now in a measuring cup or another bowl, mix up all your wet ingredients. Yep get them combined. Really working out your arm right? (Sorry the work out will have to happen elsewhere.)

All combined? Good now pour the liquid into the well and mix everything until just combined. Tough work isn’t it? Breaking a sweat? Maybe if you are near the heating oven! 😊

Get a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper because life is easier that way. Loosely make a round with the wet, blobby mass of dough. Easy right? Good. Now get a nice knife, wet the blade and cut a cross in the top of it. Some say it’s for good luck, but really it’s so you know it’s cooked all the way through.


Pop it in the oven for roughly 50 minutes, or until when you thump the bottom it sounds hollow. Remove from oven and light brush the top with the melted butter and let cool until you can’t stand it any more and must eat it!



2 thoughts on “The Bread-th Of Homemade Comfort

  1. I also cannot seem to make yeast bread. Starting to think that it is because my hands are cold. I can make bread dough and if Sweet Baboo kneads it, the yeast works. If I knead it, the yeast gives up and I end up baking a rock which I then weight down the garbage with. Maybe one day I will break down and buy a bread machine…


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