Food For The Eyes

Like most things, I’m want my garden simple. Sure I will grow peppers and tomatoes and herbs etc in a pot, and yes I do like flowers, but I’m also all about this low maintenance thing.

So the garden has lovely green, thick grass, a few trees and flowers bed and of course my pots. The tres manage to take care of themselves, the grass requires little more than cutting and I swear if we had a few lambs or tiny gaining goats that would take care of the grass! πŸ˜‰

The flowers beds however were in sad shape, they’d gone to wild, with weeds taller than me, well okay weeds taller than my knee. Same thing really. Either way a small child or two could be lost in those weeds.

So the flowers beds had to cleaned up and set to right again. That may in fact be beyond my skills. Actually I know that is beyond my skills, but not beyond the skills of a friend with a green thumb and a love to keep all living things, well, living.

He chose out succulents, yes I know it sounds weird to have succulents here, but they will grow just about anywhere. So they were planted earlier and just as our firmed said, they happily spread to turn the flower bed into lovely textured green. They also flower too, pale pinks to deep dark pinks I’ve been assured. I missed them flowering sadly.


To create a bit more interest, some low spreading junipers were added.


These plants require very little from us and are perfect, but I admit to missing those vibrant, riotous splashes of color that only flowers, or flocks of parrots can bring. No parrots here so flowers would be the more likely source to getting the color. 😐 Perhaps if the parrots didn’t make messes and cut the lawn….

Anyway well in the garden/yard look what I found growing by one of the tree!

Isn’t it cute? And self sufficient too!


4 thoughts on “Food For The Eyes

  1. Town, looks like your wish for self-sufficient livestock came true without you even realizing it. After all, why else would you plant hens and chicks amongst the dande-Lions? πŸ™‚


  2. It’s a nice touch. You have lions and chickens – fierce and plucky. πŸ™‚ The dandelions are great for making root beer or eating in a salad too so the bed is still partly functional. I think you should count that as an unintentional victory!


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