The name sounds so festive, doesn’t it? This food is crunchy, flavourful and touted as one of the most healthy foods in the world. With a rep like that, it’s hard to believe that so many people don’t know about them!

Pepitas is the name for roasted pumpkin seeds, but you can easily make roasted seeds using this same method from any member of the squash family.

look at all the seeds

Scrape out the seeds and protective membrane from a pumpkin. Put them in a bowl.

pumpkin innards inna bowl

Add water to cover the seeds and let it sit for a few minutes. This will help you separate the seeds from the membrane more easily.

water the innards

Now, use your fingertips to gently coax the seeds out of the membrane and into a clean colander.

into the colander

Wash the seeds in cool water 2 or 3 times to be sure that all the membrane is gone.

into the shower

Let the seeds drain for a minute or two and then spread them on a freshly laundered kitchen towel to dry.

twice washed

Once dry, the seeds can be scooped back into a waiting bowl.

ready to season

Add 1 Tbsp olive oil for each cup of seeds and season them liberally. Choose whatever spices interest you. Sweet Baboo likes freshly ground black pepper and greek seasoning, so that is what I used.

seasoningsseason liberally

Mix well so that all the seeds are coated in oil. Now spread them on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and parchment paper.

ready for a tan

Put the seeds into a 275 degree Fahrenheit oven. Check them every 15 minutes. The more seeds on the baking sheet, the longer they will take to brown and crisp.


Here’s the finished product! Yum! These are always gone much too soon!


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