Omelette de vert

Greens are one of the most underused parts of many vegetables. What a pity! They are so high in nutrients that it practically pays you to eat them. I’m telling you, those bunnies in the garden know what they’re doing! We’d be wise to follow suit.

Having just received 9 lovely beets from a neighbour’s garden, it seemed only right not to waste such a precious gift. The carrots and beets were roasted, but the beet greens demanded a more specialized treatment.

After plucking the leaves and washing them in cool water, I neatly placed the leaves in two bundles on folded paper towel to drain.

stack the leaves neatly in bunches

Then, each bundle was rolled into a cylindrical shape, like so:

roll the leaves into a cylindrical shape

Now it is time to thinly slice the greens. The French call this a chiffonade. Whatever the name, it’s lovely.


Transfer this to a bowl. Whip three eggs with a fork in another bowl, crumble some cheese and slice up some onion.


An omelette needs a little fat to make it tasty and keep it from sticking to the pan. I chose bacon. Two slices are all it takes and I cut them into small slices or lardons.

lardons on their sides

Put them in a frying pan with a little water so that the meat cooks evenly and doesn’t curl.

When the bacon is almost done, throw the onion slices into the pan and continue cooking until the onions become translucent. Take the frying pan off the heat. Now it is time to combine all of the ingredients in a big bowl and stir them well so that egg coats everything. Once this is accomplished, return the mixture to the frying pan. Cover and simmer the omelette until the eggs are done just the way you like them.

omelette of loveliness

This was one amazing omelette. You know how some things make you feel healthier after you’ve eaten them? This omelette made me feel like Popeye after a good dose of spinach! I guess that makes sense since he IS the poster boy for greens! Happy eating!


3 thoughts on “Omelette de vert

  1. Try turning them into beet green chips, akin to kale chips, by using olive oil, salt and pepper and a cook in a hot oven.

    If you want something amazing, get a good smoked ham hock, some veggie or chicken broth, salt and pepper, cook it down till all is hot and the greens are wilted, take he meat off the bone and the skin and put those lovely pink shreds back into the greens. Heat a bit linger, serve with hit vinegar and biscuits. Welcome to the South 😊


  2. Those are great ideas – never occurred to me at the time. You still have to teach me to make stumpot (sp?), Town. Maybe when we’re in the same country again…

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