It’s A Bit Sweet, A Tad Sour All With A Touch Of Heat

I like to grow things, in pots…herbs, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce to b exact.  It’s my attempt at contain gardening.  Okay who am I kidding, it’s the extent of my growing abilities.

There have bb many sacrifices in the nam of the experiment of me growing things.  I tried to grow a small pumpkin in a large container.  It flowered with beautiful yellow-orange flowers and then promptly died.  The same thing happened with some tomatoes.  Their list lives were not in vain though as now I can grow and “harvest” veggies!  (Hey for me this is a huge deal.  Almost at the level of full on celebration!  😉

While I may have manage to get things to grow and ripen etc,I’ve never been able to master getting the right amount.  This year the peppers and tomatoes were in high yield.  More than a person could eat at one time to be honest.

So I decided to try something  different, a challenge to keep the peppers long after the season was gone.  I found an easy  recipe for sweet and sour pickles and got to work.  The recipe can be found at:

Of course I changed things up a bit too, adding some hot peppers because life needs some spice!  But the recipe is easy and you make it by the jar so you can control the amount easily.  These are great things for me!  😉

)  image

See?  Cute and sassy!  😉


6 thoughts on “It’s A Bit Sweet, A Tad Sour All With A Touch Of Heat

  1. Habanero(Orange and red), Red Savina habaneros, Bolivian Rainbow, Hawaiian, Hungarian wax, Serrano, gusto purple, and many other varieties of peppers. Happy gardening/jarring!


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