That’s Nacho Burger, Git Yer Own


See this green beauty, the on up above?  Yes it was my inspiration for today’s adventure in cooking.  You know me, I go full out, addicted to something and then after awhile I step back from it.  Today I was addicted to this wee beauty and her friends.  Oh you didn’t think she came alone did you?  (She just happened to be the one who wasn’t camera shy!  Look at her glossy green skin!)

So what to make that was going to be good with her?  And what to make that wasn’t typical Tex-mex  food and didn’t contain meat because I didn’t want any.  (And because someone forgot to pull the stuff out to thaw don’t you know?)

Cue black beans as a type of meat replacement.  Well protein . I won’t lie, they don’t taste like meat.  They taste like black beans.  And because I felt like smushing things, the recipe had to call for that particular action.  Enter, Nacho Black Bean Burgers thanks to  The Fitness Magazine site for the recipe.  (

Okay so it doesn’t sound healthy because it sounds tasty, but it can be healthy, if you make it their way.  Or you can use their way as a guide and just do whatever feels right.  I went with what felt right and because, well, when have I ever done anything by the rules? 😉

So I got a can of black beans and rinsed them, drained them and tossed them into a bowl.  A big bowl.  The bigger the better for ultimate smushing don’t you know!  Okay so let the smushing begin, smush as much of as little as you want.  (I know the recipe says use a food processor, but I didn’t really want to clean it after so I smushed by hand.). When I was bored with that, because let’s face it, that’s what happened, I threw in some ground or smushed corn tortilla chips and stirred that up, because you have to!

I know you are wondering about that green beauty and her friends, well they are ladies of leisure, in other words wait for it.

Next, hold on tight and grate some cheese, or cheat and by the shredded stuff.  It doesn’t matter as long as you like it.


Clearly I like it! 😉

Dump that into the bowl with beans, chops some onion, add your favorite sals and one  beaten egg.  Now chop up those lovely green hot peppers, as many as you can stand, and toss them in as well.

Wait ten minutes.  Seriously you have to so everything comes together and so you are prepared for the mess.  If you don’t wait you will have a different mess on yer hands.

Okay you waited?  Good now form that lovely bit of smushed beans into patties, kind of like this:


Yeo not everyone got smushed and you can barely see the green, but it’s there.  And yes it is a bit free form. Now keep In mind this is messy work, you want to put these babies on wax paper or such because, well, they are smushy! 😉

Clean your hands, stick the bean patties in the fridge for at least 30 mins.  Seriously.  Don’t mess with this.  They need to firm up.   I set my timer for 40, just so as to show I wasn’t rushing and they still could have used more time.  But those fiesty, spicy green beauties were calling so I put t some oil on a heated frying pan and got to work cooking them.  You want to brown one side for a nice crust and then put a bit more oil down and do the other side.  Serve on a hamburger bun, with lettuce, salsa whatever your heart desires!


(Note to self, don’t take picture so close to heat!). They are messy because they weren’t firm enough, but still tasty!

And because. I had more, sliced some spicy greenness for on the hamburger bun, smushed and added this to the bun because I could!


Call me avocado goodness!  😉

This “Nacho” regular burger, get it “not your”, and I dare you to make your own! 😉

2 thoughts on “That’s Nacho Burger, Git Yer Own

  1. You know, Town, I have wanted to make these for AGES. Everytime I start thinking about it, I make the mistake of telling Sweet Baboo who quickly vetoes the idea because there’s no beef in it. How did you like them? Were they meaty or like a veggie pattie? And could you put smushed avocado into the mixture rather than adding it afterwards or would that make it too viscous? I’ve baked veggie patties before so that there was no standing over the stove – do you think baking would work for these?


    • Baking will probably work, however they won’t look the same. If you are making them for looks, they might not brown up nicely. If you are making me for eats, who cares! 😉
      They aren’t meaty so you won’t be fooling anyone, but I’ve feed them to carnivores before who thought they were good enough when without the meat so there is that!
      Make them I say and if a party doesn’t like them that party can suck on an egg! 😉


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