Zesty, Zingy and Delcious

I found a bag of key limes at the market, these lovely little gems had to come home with me. Key limes are pure sunshine, summer and a sense of home, so what’s not to love?

Wanting to impress the people with my experiments cooking and not wanting to provide the local fair I opted to make something a bit different. Key lime shortbread cookies! Just saying that makes me smile!

Who can resist this? Okay so the picture is is blurry because I was getting attacked by a four footed family member, but you get the jist.

These are easy to make too with all sorts of fun and adventure! I use this recipe: http://www.landolakes.com/recipe/1141/key-lime-shortbread-cookies

Granted I didn’t use LandoLakes butter because that isn’t local here, and I used far more like zest in the dough. If you go to the site, you will see how lovely their cookies look verses the rustic,home made look of mine! 😉

And of course not happy with only one minor alteration in the recipe I changed up the glaze a fair amount using far less sugar and more lime justice and zest. I wanted the cookies to “wake” your mouth up and leave it refreshed, the sweetness just a subtle hint! For the glaze I pretty tasted (the dance of a million spoons, but we don’t have a million spoons, or even a thousand) until I got it right. On an aside, why is it on most cooking shows they repeatedly taste off the same spoon each time? Yuck! I will always grab a clean spoon or if are in use, such as the dance above, I will wash one…it’s really not that hard people in tv land. (Whew I feel better now!)

The cookies have turned out to be a hit, even for a girl who’s not the type you normally bring home! 😉

2 thoughts on “Zesty, Zingy and Delcious

  1. Town, I think you should send me a small care package with heaps of these cookies in it. The lime, butter and sugar combination must be wonderful on the tongue! When should I expect it? Tomorrow? Next week? 🙂


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