Knot Me, Or Is It?

I love lace!  Oh how I adore it’s ethereal look.  It reminds me of sea foam riding on the waves, light and airy and beautiful.  I love the delicate patterns and loops and swirls! I could get lost intricate lace, the kind they used to make.

its all rather frufru and girly and I don’t care!  I’d wrap myself up in it, if it weren’t so darn itchy!  😉

Lacey shawls, wraps, hair covers, scarves and gloves all delight me!  My insides get all knotted up at the thought of the holes and delicate stitches.  It pleases me that lace isn’t really practical either!  Why should it be? Gossamer wings of a fairy or elf wouldn’t be practical either, but still very necessary in the world!

Feeling a need to follow those loops, dance in the swirls and twist myself in the knots, I took up tatting.  I thought it would be a breeze and fun too.  Little did I know it requires coordination which I don’t have, exactly.

Right now I get tripped up in the loops, strangled in the swirls and tied-up in the knots.  In other words I’m not that good at the knots! 😉

Sstill I’ve made some progress as I hang on in this tornado force winds.  There is no grace right now, there is no elegance, but one day soon I shall be making this!  You have been warned!  (And yes I know it isn’t really me, except it is!)


Have no fear, I didn’t make this, but right now I can make the rings so it’s just a short bit before I can get it all together and then beware, it’s Invasion of the Doily!  You have been warned dear friend!  😉

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