There is nothing sweeter than the apple butter days of autumn. – Linda Poindexter

Apple butter is one of my favourite things to bake with. You can use it in a recipe that calls for applesauce (double it, or there won’t be enough moisture) and the finished product is so smooth and apple-y that it is hard to just have only one bite. It’s fabulous in barbeque sauce and savoury dishes too. Summer Collier has used her amazing imagination to concoct a plethora of mouthwatering fare using apple butter in her blog, A Spicy Perspective:

As the days go by and more apple butter goes in the refrigerator, Sommer’s blog will get consulted a lot.

The nice thing about apple butter is that it is really easy to make – it is just applesauce that has been heated and stirred a lot longer to let all of the extra water evaporate so that you have a dark, rich, concentrate left. The jar below is only the beginning…

apple butter

An on-the-go healthy apple butter snack:

If you have a dehydrator, using apple butter is the quickest way to produce tasty apple fruit leather. Just spread the apple butter in a thin, even layer.

5 thoughts on “There is nothing sweeter than the apple butter days of autumn. – Linda Poindexter

    • I like it straight up too. I only learned about apple butter a few years ago when Sweet Baboo went to the States for work and he came back raving about how good fresh biscuits were with apple butter. 3 batches are in the fridge now and I’m not sure how much more I will make this year. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.


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