Prefect For Peppers

The peppers are in, an array of color so pleasing I almost don’t want to cut into them.  Almost! 😉  How can you not smile when you see the brilliant yellows, burning reds and stunning orange peppers all so ripe and ready to eat?  They taste of sunshine and sweetness.  Not that I’ve actually tasted the sun because that would burn my tongue! 😉

I’ve enough peppers for so many things to make and so far I’ve made some stuffed peppers and delicious shakshuka.

Stuffed peppers are so simple to do and exceedingly versatile too!  They lend themselves to so many flavors and let’s face it, here’s something magically child-like joy in eating your food that’s cooked in other food.  It’s just not what we normally do!  Of course if you are super creative, you can carve a face into your stuffed pepper before you stuff and cook it.

Because I adore a crispness to my stuffed peppers, I never preboil them.  Okay that plus as we know I’m not going to do more than I have to.

But Shakshuka is a different story.  It’s a heavenly marriage of spices, tomatoes, peppers and eggs.  Yes eggs.  It sounds odd, looks different to our eyes, but the taste is amazing and it’s so fresh and easy how can you not love it?

How easy?  How tasty?  Check it out.  (Keep in mind recipes are just suggestions or guidelines!)


A splash of oil

Onions diced (use as many or as little as your heart desires),  I usually use 2

A few peppers directed, I love to use colored ones

1 spicy pepper if you have one, finally and thinly chopped (again to taste)

1 clove or two of chopped garlic (depends on the kiss factor, well and breath in general)

Fresh tomatoes  (or canned in a pinch)

cumin, paprika, ground pepper, salt, hot pepper flakes and salt…all to taste.  Plus a smidge of sugar to keep things in balance

Eggs, as many or as few as you have or want to cook

Okay now throw on an apron, well throw on two if you cook like me!

Heat your oil and throw in the onions, cook until translucent.

Add peppers (colorful and spicy) and cook until they start to soften.

Now add your garlic and tomatoes and cook down, add your spices,salt and sugar and let it cook down.  Now remember we are marrying flavors and the best marriages are a melding of people.  😉

Here’s where the fun begins, you get to crack the eggs.  Traditionally you’d crack the eggs into the dish, cover the whole ing with a lid and let the eggs cook for 10 or so minutes until the white is no linger translucent.  But I like to play so I crack my eyes and scramble them into the spicy tomato mixture.  Let them cook to your preference and then viola, serve and eat.  Best eaten with fresh pita or flat bread!

Sure it looks yucky my way, but it tastes amazing.  And when you get your hands on colored tomatoes and peppers, let the the party start!


3 thoughts on “Prefect For Peppers

  1. Town, this sounds really good. Kind of a deconstructed omelette….makes me think about adding bacon and losing the spices so the vegetables can do the talking. I guess that is really pretty close to a Denver. I could do with a Denver right now – it doesn’t get much more comforting than that.


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