Apple Syrup

Until two years ago, I had never tasted apple syrup. Didn’t know it existed. Now, I feel upset if there isn’t some waiting to use in the refrigerator. It’s amazing stuff!

All of the cores and stems and peels of the apple need not go to waste – this syrup is made in a similar fashion to the Swiss Raisinée that makes a sweet fruit custard pie that’s hard to walk away from. In case you’re interested, check it out on the Rambling Epicure:

I tend not to use the peel for two reasons:

  1. It is already in the applesauce and apple butter
  2. The peel has enough pectin in it that if the syrup is not used for a few months, it becomes apple jelly.

#2 might be appealing to some, but I’m not a jelly fan.

Fill a pot with the cores of several apples. This means LOTS.

Just think how much apple would go to waste if we didn't turn these cores into syrup!

Just think how much apple would go to waste if we didn’t turn these cores into syrup!

Put the cores into a dutch oven or a large crockpot. Fill the vessel halfway with water. This is going to simmer for 3 hours on low heat – it is like making chicken stock.

Once the three hours are up, strain the apples out so that you are left with juicy looking water. Add 1 cup of white sugar and now it must simmer until most of the liquid is reduced.

beginning of syrup

When all that is left in the pot is about 2 cups of liquid, it is ready to put in a jar.

apple syrup

Important note: Do not try the syrup immediately. It will taste AWFUL. It won’t smell right either. I wish someone would have told me this – I nearly threw out my whole first batch! You have to wait for a month or two for it to cure. Once that happens, it’s difficult not to just drink it out of the jar!

4 thoughts on “Apple Syrup

  1. I’m not sure if it would freeze well, Town. It’s possible, but I have not tried it. Since it lasts for a VERY long time in the fridge and just seems to get better with age, I never considered freezing it.


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