Chocolate Covered Almonds Sorta


i stumbled across a bag of ground almonds, one I bought a few weeks back and them promptly forgot about.  I’d hate to see them go to waste, but I wasn’t in the mood for an almond cake anymore, so french macaroons of sorts it would have to be.  Chocolate of course because well when isn’t it chocolate?

There is something just uplifting, no pun intended, in beating egg whites until they are nice and fluffy.  And chocolates and almonds go together like peas and carrots, except I hate peas and carrots together!

Beat 3 egg whites until they form lovely soft peaks

Add 30 grams of caster sugar, and beat for another minute or so.  Now our nice soft peaks will become stiff and more mountain like.  Still magic just waiting to happen.

In another bowl add those  soft ground almonds (125 grams) with

4tablespoons of sifted, good quality cocoa powder.  We’re almost home free now!

Simply add to this 200 grams of sifted confectioners sugar and blend those all nicely together.  It looks yummy already!

Here is the first part of the magic, gently and lovingly fold hose egg whites into the bowl with the cocoa and almonds.  Keep folding, ever so delicately until it’s all incorporated into a lovely dark, sticky mess.  Oh and speaking of messes, it is impossible to keep confectioners sugar where it belongs!  But it’s a nice mess, well until you have to clean it up.

Next comes the part that I fail at, it requires putting our chocolately almond mess into a piping  bag and then piping this onto parchment paper on cookie sheets.  We are aiming for 3 cms sized disks, more or less.  Now here’s the fun bit, we need to get all the dough put into disks and once we’ve done that, take our your frustrations at your inability to pipe nicely by slamming (gently, don’t ask me how) the trays on the table once or twice, just to level your little dough blobs.

Thr he final touch of magic is to let these things sit for roughly an hour before cooking them in the oven at 320 for roughly twelve minutes.  I was shocked to see that they managed to get some lift after that slamming and sitting.  Oh how I worried that the egg whites would have deflated, but not true at all.

Once completely cooled, remove of the paper, and you can make lovely little sandwiches with ganache between the macaroons.  Promptly pop the sandwiches into your mouth, and eat.  For quality control purposes of course.  Totally acceptable to need to sample every one, right there and then! 😉

I wanted to share them, honestly I did, but the first two tasted off and then well I just had to taste to find what was wrong and well it’s the thought that counts right?  😉 A picture of them cooling, just for you since I ate them all!  😉


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Almonds Sorta

  1. Town, those sound awesome! I love meringues and have been dreaming about making some. I’ve never tried anything but plain though. How did you get the cocoa to mix in evenly? Next time you make these, you definitely have to save me one!


    • For cocoa you need to sift it all patiently until there are no lumps, give or take. Then you whisk and whisk some more. The key is to whisk just until your arm is about to fall off, but do not let your arm fall off. If you whisk until your arm falls off have gone too far and will have other lumps to deal with!


  2. Town, you and I both know that patience is a virtue I lack. Not much of a whisker either. I’m an all or nothing kind of gal – it’s the full beard or clean shaven. 😛


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