No Ryhme nor Reason, Just Because It’s Taste-bud Pleasin’

We both know that shopping is not something that I adore,
Groceries sometimes call to me, something new to try
And so it was with the lemons that I did spy
Promising to render a tasty treat after a laborious chore

Take four to six, this depends upon your taste really, perhaps zest a few if you things zingy.

Get two cups of ice and a handful or two of fresh mint leaves and some sugar, again to taste.

In a blender crush your ice, or shave it if you prefer, or leave it out and add after you’ve made your drink.

Squeeze the juice of the sunshine yellow lemons, removing any seeds that may fall in. If it’s not the right season I suspect bottled lemon justice works the same, but all the fun and labor has been removed! You are looking for roughly 1 cup of lemon juice. But we both know I cook by the seat of my pants and let whatever flavors I enjoy wash over my tongue and dictate things.

To the lemon juice add washed and roughly torn mint leaves and sugar. The recipe said anywhere from four to six tablespoons of sugar,but I’m in a tart mood, so I only used three, and had one and three-quarter cups of lemon juice.

Blend this up and viola, a tasty lemonade type treat
That’s refreshing with calls of sunshine filled days and heat!

I like it best with crushed ice in the blender because it becomes a slushy of pale yellow and brilliant green freckles adorn it’s surface.

2 thoughts on “No Ryhme nor Reason, Just Because It’s Taste-bud Pleasin’

  1. Wow – that sounds so good today when it is so hot and muggy outside, Town. Wish we were trying it here at my place where you could try 5 different types of mint for free! Now all I want is a slushy. Sigh.


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